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Rolling Forecasts: A Wish List Item Becomes a “Must Have”

January 14, 2015 / by Dave Phillips

Is your rolling forecast delivering all of what it promised? Join us as Ethan Carlson, CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, once more tackles our questions to supply you with answers and a new mindset designed to help empower your finance organization to look ahead.

I think that if you’re not doing a rolling forecast or changing the way you think about your projections and using this to your advantage, you’re really missing an opportunity to capture key information and make better decisions. If you go back historically and look at how organizations[...]

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Aligning Strategy and Forecasting

January 8, 2015 / by Dave Phillips


Why do so many organizations struggle to achieve an optimal alignment between strategy and forecasting? Join us as Ethan Carlson, CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, kicks off ASK ETHAN, our weekly podcast designed to supply answers to your most daunting questions as we explore the strategies and best practices that are now empowering finance to drive change.

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‘Ask Ethan’ Podcast Now Available on iTunes and CFO Thought

January 6, 2015 / by Dave Phillips

Listen to the “Ask Ethan” Podcasts Here

Ethan Carlson, CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, has signed on to be a featured co-host of the CFO Thought Leader Podcast. The CFO Thought Leader is one of the leading online publications for senior finance executives. The new weekly podcast program, titled “Ask Ethan”, will examine the issues facing today’s CFOs and finance leaders. Ethan, a seasoned finance executive and founder of a high growth consultancy, will discuss practical strategies and tactics for helping companies improve budgeting,[...]

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The Value of Carlson Premium Support

November 5, 2014 / by Dave Phillips

Here’s the scenario: You and your team implemented Adaptive Insights to replace your inefficient spreadsheet-based budgeting and planning process a while back and, by all measure, it was considered it a success.  You rightfully patted yourselves on the back and then got back to business.  Initially, most of the finance team happily used it as they had the support of an internal “superuser”, who was the go-to person for questions, data uploads, and model updates.  Then that high-value individual moved to a different part of the business or left the[...]

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Carlson Launches Manufacturing CPM Solution

October 29, 2014 / by Dave Phillips

Carlson Manufacturing CPM, powered by Adaptive Insights, is a ready-to-implement Cloud solution that gives manufacturers the ability to align budgets with strategy, standardize and optimize finance practices, improve collaboration, and plan for long-term success.

The Carlson Manufacturing Corporate Performance Management Solutions offers the following benefits:
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Interview with Becky Blackler, Executive Director of the CFO RoundTable

October 2, 2014 / by Dave Phillips

I recently attended a CFO RoundTable event at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. I had heard positive reviews about the organization so when Ethan Carlson, CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, asked me to take his place due to a business trip abroad, I jumped at the chance. I was very impressed with the well-attended event. The keynote presentation was provided by Bob Bixby of the Concord Coalition, who spoke in a sobering yet often humorous manner about the growing debt crisis in the country. I also had the opportunity to meet Becky[...]

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