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A Halloween Tale: Healthwise Escapes Spreadsheet Hell

October 30, 2015 / by Dave Phillips

Healthwise-Halloween-500-687“Thanks to Adaptive and Carlson, we no longer have the Annual Budget Model from Nightmare on Excel Street!” stated a euphoric Kelly Richmond, Budget Manager and Financial Analyst from Healthwise, Incorporated, a global non-profit organization dedicated to helping people make better health decisions.

Healthwise, like many organizations, was stuck in ‘Spreadsheet Hell’. They had budget data spread far and wide across multiple spreadsheet files and consolidation of those worksheets caused excruciating pain and mental torment. The FP&A team lived in a nightmare of manual data input and report assembly purgatory. With Adaptive, they are now able to budget and report by project, contract and budget adjustment category (e.g. temporary transfer, approved permanent transfer, to be reviewed) quickly, easily and in a collaborative manner. Kelly continued, “I look forward to replacing many more of our Nightmare on Excel Street reports with Adaptive!”

Eliminate spreadsheet hell and experience planning heaven with Carlson Management Consulting and Adaptive Insights. Contact us for more info.

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