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Adaptive Live 2019: When We Plan for What's Next, We Can Make Our Aspirations Happen

June 14, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

When we Plan for Whats Next (3)When we plan for what's next, we can make our aspirations happen. This optimistic message was front and center at Adaptive Live 2019 in Las Vegas at The Venetian, the annual user conference hosted by Adaptive Insights.

At Adaptive Live, more than 1,600 bright and bold minds in finance, from six continents, joined together at the forefront of planning. Attendees explored transformative concepts, features, and processes that illuminate the way forward in their careers and lives. 

Adaptive Live was a journey that led to discovery. It celebrated innovations making a difference in the world.

At every moment, Adaptive Live wowed with actionable insights that marked the next generation of planning.



Expo Hall

Adaptive Live 2019-1As attendees entered the Expo Hall, they were greeted with lively conversation that filled the hall as people made introductions and nurtured connections.

Carlson Management Consulting, a proud Gold sponsor of Adaptive Live, was prominently featured near the front alongside partner Adaptive Insights. Its inviting booth, showcasing world-class cloud financial solutions and services, sparked interest and discussion.

An important development made its debut: Carlson is now a part of Alight Solutions, a leading provider of human capital solutions that helps clients and their people with the complexities of health, wealth, and HR. We are now a leading provider of solutions and services on the Workday + Adaptive Insights platform.

Carlson Appreciation Event

6-2At Carlson, we appreciate our wonderful clients, partners, and team. They are our advocates, friends, and supporters. They are fellow agents of active planning.

In honor of the Carlson community, we hosted this year’s appreciation event at the highly-acclaimed Brooklyn Bowl. Described by Rolling Stone Magazine as “one of the most incredible places on earth”, its retro, rock ‘n' roll-inspired vibe made a splash. Traditional met modern-style with its disco ball, performance stage, high-tech bowling lanes, luxurious sofas, and delicious American comfort cuisine.

Attendees got the ball rolling to show their bowling skills, knocking pins down with ease. As we enjoyed each other’s companionship, it was a fun night of conversation and camaraderie. Thanks to the Carlson community for the support!


Video: Our fellow agents of active planning show their bowling skills.


Inspiring Keynote Speeches


The next morning, there was a palpable energy and excitement as Adaptive Live’s keynote speeches commenced. As one of the most highly anticipated experiences at Adaptive Live, the keynote speeches fascinated with forward-thinking ideas.

They helped us see the big picture of our contributions to business and life.

Tom Bogan

11Tom Bogan, CEO of Adaptive Insights, took the stage to speak about how to thrive in today’s world. During this time of rapid change, how can we keep up with the pace? How can we effectively use technology to adapt?

The answer: Plan for what’s next.

When we plan for what’s next, we are able to be agile. Business agility is the pinnacle of active planning.

Bogan then explored the rise of Workday + Adaptive Insights. Because of Workday + Adaptive Insights, teams are truly empowered with an active planning process. What characterizes this process? It’s collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous.

Active planning helps us do our best work.

Rob Hull

12Rob Hull, Founder of Adaptive Insights, shined a spotlight on the modern workplace. He shared a fundamental truth that drives success during this era of digital transformation.

That is, everybody plans.

Active planning encompasses the entire organization. It’s a holistic approach that aligns everyone to implement the same vision.

That’s why Workday + Adaptive Insights is designed for finance, sales, human resources, and beyond. To be the best we can be, we must plan together.


Dr. Peter Diamandis

15“We are living during the most extraordinary time in human history.”

Guest keynote speaker, Dr. Peter Diamandis, recognized as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine, delivered this inspiring message of optimism. Dr. Diamandis is the Founder and Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides incentives to encourage technological developments that benefit humanity and the world.

Innovation is guiding us to impressive places. As Dr. Diamandis notes, there’s sustainable space exploration. There are solar power and renewable energy. There are healthcare advances that help us live longer. There’s a system that maps the ocean floor. There’s software that makes education abundant for all. 

These innovations are helping the greater good. They’re creating the bright future of our dreams.

And, they began with planning.

For Adaptive Live attendees, these stories showed what’s possible:

As we plan for what’s next, the opportunities we create are extraordinary.

Video: Dr. Peter Diamandis shares insights on amazing innovations that are helping the greater good.

Peter Diamandis

Salsify's Best Practices in Building Robust Revenue and Planning Models


As the afternoon arrived, the educational roundtable sessions began. These sessions fostered knowledge-sharing on planning best practices. Attendees enthusiastically filled the large room for Carlson’s session: Salsify's Best Practices in Building Robust Revenue and Planning Models.

Dallas Moody, Vice President at Carlson, and Michael McCarthy, FP&A Manager at Salsify, gave attendees an exclusive insider’s perspective on finance transformation. Attendees enjoyed a front-row seat to the best practices that elevate FP&A and planning in diverse business environments.

During their demo, Moody and McCarthy demonstrated how they are using Adaptive Insights to create an integrated revenue planning model for Salsify.

After an interactive Q&A, attendees were empowered with the knowledge of how to elevate FP&A and planning through Adaptive Insights at their own organizations.

Video: Dallas Moody and Michael McCarthy share best practices in FP&A and planning to a large room of attendees.


Adaptive Live: A Journey of Discovery

Making a difference begins with discovery (7)-1Adaptive Live was a journey of discovery. The ideas we explored showed the way to the next frontier of what’s possible.

As we navigated the heights of innovation, we were inspired by how planning in action can bring good to the world.

Through active planning, insights come to light. Making a difference begins with those discoveries. When we plan for what’s next, we can make our aspirations happen and create movements of shared purpose.

We can build a world of opportunity together.

Thank you, Adaptive Insights, for delighting attendees with another fulfilling experience.

Want to experience Adaptive Live 2020? Stay tuned to learn how you can join us next year.

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