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Sage Intacct Advanced Integration to Salesforce

September 10, 2020 / by Mary Beth Gossart

We hear the frustration that valuable time is spent re-keying data into multiple systems creating the potential risk of errors all the time. As companies grow and scale this is not sustainable. The need for reliable data that is visible for all system users is the key to growing a business in this every changing business climate. Are you tired of your staff wasting time entering and maintaining data in both Salesforce and your accounting system? Do you want visibility to all customers and need a streamlined order to cash system? Don’t throw head count dollars at the problem look at Sage Intacct.

If you want an accounting solution that was pre-built on the Salesforce platform that has an easy point, click connect integration with Salesforce Sage Intacct is the way to go. There is no need for a custom integration with expensive consulting hours and extensive involvement from you IT department. Sage Intacct with its Advanced CRM Integration creates collaboration between Sales and Accounting with its streamlined order to cash process. Gone are the days when Sales staff had to pester Accounting staff for information needed to do their job. This efficient integration process saves time, reduces errors and accelerates cash flow by up to 20%. Data flows seamlessly between both Salesforce and Intacct so that customers and orders are always up to date with no re-keying. Sales staff can stay in Salesforce and see all the information that they need to perform at a high level making them self-sufficient. Accounting staff no longer need to re-key an order, it will already be placed into Intacct waiting for the next step in the workflow. The time saved by all users eliminating the task of maintaining data not only enables businesses to scale without increasing headcounts it also enables correct invoices to be sent out faster thus improving DSO.

With the use of both Salesforce Chatter and Intacct Collaborate users can communicate in real time in both Salesforce and Intacct allowing for more and efficient collaboration between team members. Approvals are much quicker, and exceptions are resolved in no time. The communication is saved in Intacct on the transactions which will eliminate the searching through emails and files to answer those year end audit questions. The ability to see real time data without hours of work enables Accounting teams to stop being bogged down in the minutia and empowers them to become more strategic and growth focused.

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