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At the Life Sciences Happy Hour, Finance Professionals Discover Active Planning with Adaptive Insights

July 25, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

THe Life Sciences Happy Hour (1)In the life sciences, scientists put their minds together to create brilliant solutions to pressing needs, their findings forming new possibilities for health and wellness. When scientific discoveries drive forward momentum, we can experience a higher quality of well-being.

These projects and initiatives begin with funding. The finance function fuels innovation. As scientists look into the lens of the microscope, finance executives look into the lens of business to help scientists do their best work. 

What method do today’s savvy life sciences finance executives use? 

They use active planning.

Finance Best Practices for the Life Sciences Happy Hour

In honor of finance best practices for the life sciences, Carlson Management Consulting and Adaptive Insights hosted a celebratory happy hour at Cafe ArtScience in the lively biotech community of Cambridge, Boston. At the modern, science-inspired cafe, life sciences finance executives explored a new generation of business planning as they conversed, collaborated, and savored fine cuisine and drinks.

An Evening of Conversation and Collaboration

As the happy hour began, attendees made connections with fellow finance pioneers. Introductions were made and business relationships formed. It was a commingling of minds dedicated to a shared purpose: to make discoveries that transform business performance.

The Welcome Address

The speaking festivities commenced as Mike Mooney, Manager of Sales and Business Development at Carlson, greeted the attendees. Everyone sat in the chairs to tune into the highly-anticipated panel discussion on finance best practices and cloud technologies.

The Life Sciences Happy Hour - Panel-1Meet Renee Sinha

Renee Sinha, Manager of Adaptive Insights Implementations and Life Sciences Practice Lead at Carlson, was the panel moderator. As Carlson’s Life Sciences expert, Renee has more than ten years of experience in the medical device, biotechnology, and diagnostics industries. Her in-depth understanding of finance best practices for the life sciences, as well as Adaptive Insights acumen, have helped organizations improve business performance and profitability.

Renee introduced the panelists to the attendees, then asking them questions Q&A-style about how they’ve elevated business planning and FP&A through Adaptive Insights and Carlson at their organizations.

Meet the Panelists

The panelists gave thoughtful answers that delved into their experiences. Featured on the panel were three finance executives: Bethany Cavanagh, Vice President of FP&A at Beam Therapeutics; Dean Hotaling, Director of Finance at Flexion Therapeutics; and Brad MacDonald, Senior Director of Finance at Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals. 

As the panelists shared their success stories, attendees learned how they too can benefit from shared insights, collaborative decision making, and powerful modeling.

They also revealed how Renee’s exceptional services and support help them achieve their goals. 

The panelists said these qualities differentiate Carlson’s solutions for the life sciences:

  • “Phenomenal insights and life sciences industry perspective.”
  • “Responsive and accessible guidance makes the process efficient.”
  • “It’s like talking to a peer in FP&A.”
  • “Projects completed on-time and under-budget.”

To hear the panelists speak, please tune into the following short video:


Throughout the Q&A, the attendees asked questions about how they can make active planning happen at their own organizations. It was an opportunity for knowledge-sharing that led to discovery. Attendees discovered how they can look through the lens of their businesses to fund scientific innovations that build a healthier future.

The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud

The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud brings active planning to the life sciences. Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device organizations using the cloud-based solution are making significant strides. Active planning is the agent of progress. It achieves business agility, propelling goals forward. 

Carlson’s Prebuilt Solution

With Carlson’s prebuilt solution, available on the Adaptive Insights Marketplace, users are able to accelerate the implementation of Adaptive Insights, enjoying sound financial stewardship sooner. They also get the most out of their Adaptive investment with built-in finance and systems best practices optimized for the life sciences.

To learn more about Carlson’s prebuilt solution on the Adaptive Insights Marketplace, please tune into the following video and find additional information on features and benefits here.

Carlson Marketplace Solution for Life Sciences-2


As you look through the lens of your business, what do you see?

Plan and adapt in real-time with Carlson’s prebuilt solution for the life sciences.


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