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Carlson Achieves Top Adaptive Insights Partner Position for FY19 Through Client Satisfaction - A Q&A with Chris Pinto

May 2, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Together, Carlson Management Consulting and Adaptive Insights are helping organizations implement active planning systems and processes to accelerate growth and profitability. Chris Pinto, Vice President of Consulting, shares why Carlson’s accomplishment as a top strategic partner of Adaptive Insights is based on its commitment to delivering value through successful implementations, domain expertise, and premium support services that result in superb client satisfaction and business growth.

Q&A - Chris PintoWhat’s a day in the life like as the Vice President of Consulting?

The day in the life is exciting, challenging, and fulfilling.

It’s challenging because we work with many kinds of organizations within a variety of industries. Every industry has its own jargon. As consultants, we must speak the same language as the people with whom we communicate and get to know them.

The organizations we work with are just as unique, with their own cultures and values. We customize our services and support to those cultures, so we can provide guidance that fits their exact needs.

My experience is also incredibly fulfilling. Organizations come to us with problems they’re looking to resolve. There’s satisfaction that comes with deploying Adaptive Insights to bring efficiencies and give organizations clarity on their data. It’s exciting to see the results.

In addition to helping clients daily, I manage a team of 25 implementation consultants. In my role, I support all the consultants on our team, from managers to newer team members, to help them understand how they can best model.

How many clients have you worked with?

Overall, I’ve worked with over 300 clients. Carlson has conducted more than 450 Adaptive Insights implementations and I’ve impacted about three quarters of them.

Can you share some of your client success stories?

There are two client success stories I like to share.

I worked with one of our clients, a Finance Director, closely for years. During that time, I helped him develop his financial model to make his organization more efficient. He wanted to use Adaptive Insights to integrate their information, stored in silos across all their systems, to improve reporting efficiencies.

When I was visiting his office, his wife and kids were there. It was nice meeting his young family. When I visited his office another time, we accomplished something great that day, which took his reporting to the next level and made it easier for him to publish reports.

After seeing the results, my client shared, “I love Adaptive Insights. I’m able to spend more time with my family. I feel like I have my life back.”

Having met his family, those were gratifying insights to hear. Now, he’s able to get back home rather than spending hours in front of a computer moving data around within Excel. It was great to discover how Adaptive Insights has made an amazing difference in his personal life.

The second client success story features a software organization whose initial reporting package was not cohesive. Before we improved their reporting package, it took about a week for seven people to assemble the package. They had an Excel file so large, it’d crash, and they would have to start all over again.

We leveraged Adaptive Insights to transform their reporting package into a format that took an hour for one person to assemble and publish. The time-savings they experienced was a significant efficiency improvement.

AwardsCarlson was awarded both Adaptive Insights Global Partner of the Year and Adaptive Insights Americas Partner Excellence for 2019. To what do you attribute that success?

I attribute that success to the contributions of everyone on the team.

At Carlson, we have a collaborative culture in which we implement Adaptive Insights like a family. On my implementation team, we work together closely to provide our clients with white-glove services and support. We flex and bend to client needs, actively listening to them to deliver the services and support they’re seeking.

We’ve also developed a proven implementation methodology that works exceedingly well. Our client retention rate is very high, with organizations staying with us for continual support long after their implementations.

When we provide support to clients, we give them the in-depth knowledge to be self-sufficient. Our clients appreciate how much we care. As we build out financial models, we coach our clients how to use them. We dive very deep into how their organizations operate and their current models, suggesting ways to drive growth and profitability through Adaptive Insights.

All in all, Carlson’s partner excellence comes from our team’s dedication and guidance that leads to superb client satisfaction.

Adaptive Insights cited our best-in-class 100% client renewal rate for our FY19 awards. How do Carlson’s deployment and support services ensure customer satisfaction?

There are several reasons for our best-in-class 100% client renewal rate, which means that clients are using Adaptive Insights in the long term.

First, Carlson consultants know how to build out the best financial models that reflect business goals. Second, our deployment and support services give organizations a high degree of productivity and efficiency. Third, Adaptive Insights, as the name suggests, is adaptive in that it’s able to scale as organizations evolve and grow. Finally, our Customer Success team keeps in touch with our clients to proactively address any issues they may have and then works with the support team to find solutions.

Because those factors are ingredients for long-term success, clients stay with Adaptive Insights for an extended time and keep renewing because it’s such a valuable solution.

How do Carlson’s consultants stay on the leading edge of finance?

Carlson’s consultants stay on the leading edge of finance a few key ways. There’s the Carlson University, an educational program to which we all contribute. Each implementer can ask questions from their colleagues and pull information from that knowledge-base. This includes a weekly call where we cover a specific finance best practice or Adaptive Insights topic.

In addition, our consultants bring unique skillsets that give clients finance best practices customized to their organizations and industries. We have consultants with backgrounds in integrations. There are also consultants who, having been on the team for a long time, know Adaptive Insights through and through. As a team, we use our professional strengths to help each another stay on the leading edge of finance.

Want to accelerate business growth and profitability through active planning? We’re here to help guide you throughout your journey.

To discover more about our successful Adaptive Insights implementations, domain expertise, and premium support services, please contact us for a consultation.


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