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Carlson Team Member Profile - Meet Dawn Campbell

July 19, 2018 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Dawn CampbellAt Carlson Management Consulting, our team members are passionate about helping organizations succeed through best practices in finance and technology. Senior Associate, Dawn Campbell, shares her professional story and how she makes a difference for Carlson’s clients.

Can you share your background in finance?

Absolutely, I started in corporate finance about 15 years ago where I worked for the third largest plastic manufacturer in the United States called Plastipak Packaging, Inc. I also worked for Dr. Pepper Bottling Group and spent many years as an Accounting Manager at the American Airlines Center where the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars play here in Texas.

What influenced your decision to go into the financial technology industry?

Prior to joining Carlson as a consultant, I worked on the corporate side of finance. During that time, I moved around to various accounting positions with increasing responsibility and gained experience with new and different financial software programs. Because I had touched so many different systems, including Sage Intacct, it was natural to make the transition to consulting and begin doing implementations. My decision was a natural progression.

Why did you join Carlson?

That was an easy decision. I just knew Carlson is a place I wanted to be. When I really studied the company as well as Founder and CEO, Ethan Carlson, I discovered I love the culture. I love the fact Ethan started out in finance, and he has this entrepreneurial spirit that he channeled by starting his own company. I knew Carlson has an environment I can grow and thrive in.

What’s a day in the life like as a Senior Associate?

A day in the life of the Senior Associate is ever-changing. My calendar is merely a suggestion and snapshot of what my day is going to be like ahead.

My day can include working extensively with clients on Sage Intacct projects and supporting them throughout their implementations. It can include troubleshooting and problem-solving. Internally, we use Sage Intacct as well, so we train all new hires on the product and troubleshoot if any issues arise.

I love that my calendar is a snapshot of what my day is going to be. For instance, I could be working on business development with the sales and marketing departments. Then, I could also be involved with the client and project management aspect of Sage Intacct. So, I love how my day has a lot of variety.

What’s your favorite aspect about your job and why?

I love the clients and teams I work with. The Sage Intacct sales and implementation teams feel like a family. We are all involved with each other’s projects, we care about what’s going on, and we work well together. That’s a dynamic you don’t find every single day at every company you work with. 

As well, I enjoy the time I spend with my team. Working in a great environment, surrounded by people who care about each other, is one of the best aspects of my job.

What trends do you foresee shaping the financial technology industry?

Many financial software companies are now becoming like the NBA, where they’re building super teams. These companies include Workday and Adaptive, as well as Sage and Intacct. So, you have these huge mergers happening, which makes the environment more powerful.

Even though Intacct was powerful by itself, with the addition of Sage’s resources, you have this super conglomerate for the ERP space. I foresee a continuation of this trend shaping the financial technology industry.

What advantages will these trends bring to people?

We will have more resources, technology, support, and manpower to really provide the best solutions for our clients. We’re able to give our clients who are going through implementations with their ERP, a broader suite of applications that meet particular needs.

Now, these companies don’t have to go someplace else for technology, support, and service. They will have everything built-in with their implementations and can come to Carlson with all their other solution requirements.

What do you enjoy most about working at Carlson?

Ethan gives the gift of variety in responsibility to all his employees. He has such an entrepreneurial spirit, which he encourages in his team.

For example, I joined Carlson as a Senior Associate. But, I’m also involved with business development. I work with sales, clients, demos, and more. I’ve also presented at conferences that Carlson has hosted. Ethan empowers you to contribute to more than your core job and function. He recognizes your talents and how they can contribute to the success of the company.

At Carlson, you get to perform functions that are outside of your usual daily routine. That’s a rare freedom you can’t find in many workplaces. So, I love being part of such a progressive culture. It’s amazing you can enjoy these kinds of freedoms within a well-established company like Carlson.

What qualities do you bring to make a difference for Carlson’s clients?

I’m a very personable person and let my personality lead the way. I build relationships with clients. Because I spend so much time with our clients, I get to know them, understand their businesses, and become another member of their team.

By putting myself out there in everything I do, I lead with my heart. I lead with emotion. My empathy helps our clients because implementations can sometimes feel a bit mundane and stressful. So, I show people I care about their implementations, businesses, as well as successes and goals. I show they’re not just numbers to me, which makes a difference for them.

Can you share a time when you solved a particular client challenge?

I don’t say challenge. Rather, I say opportunity. Because it’s all about perspective.

For example, during implementations for clients, the Carlson team will come in to provide services. Prior to engaging Carlson, previous implementations may not have progressed as well as they expected. So, it’s our job to help them feel comfortable about their new solutions, change the connotation of “challenge” to one of “opportunity”, and help them make the most of their solutions.

Because we want clients to enjoy the full value of their solutions and implementations, we always find out how we can resolve any issues and make their experiences the best they’ve ever had.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Harlow Grace - Picture -1Everybody who knows me is aware I’m a very proud mother to my daughter, Harlow Grace, who is seven years old. You can always find me enjoying life with her. She makes me laugh daily and helps me look at the world in a new way. Like every time there’s a rainbow in the sky, she gets so excited. I really get to enjoy being her mother.

As a former professional dancer, I’d rather dance than read, eat, or sleep. You can often find me dancing, at a museum, watching the opera, and doing an activity that involves the arts.

Happiness is simplicity for me, which is why I enjoy laughing, being with my daughter, and dancing.





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