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Carlson Team Member Profile - Meet Dmitry Stramilov

February 1, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Dmitry-Stramilov-Senior-Associate-Carlson-MC-550-400At Carlson Management Consulting, our team members are passionate about helping organizations succeed through best practices in finance and technology. Dmitry Stramilov, Senior Associate, shares his professional story and how he makes a difference for Carlson’s clients.

Can you share your background in finance?

My background in finance begins when I earned a degree in Management from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Prior to that, I obtained a degree in Accounting from the University of Alaska at Anchorage.

I began my career as an accountant, working in a number of roles. After I left my first accounting job, I started my own company as an accounting consultant. The organization I previously worked for then became my client. That’s how I’ve gathered some of my clients. I’ve always had a side project. I position myself as more than an employee. I’m an outsourcing consultant.

Eventually, I obtained a position as a Financial Analyst at NANA Management Services, which is one of the largest corporations in Alaska. That’s where I was introduced to Adaptive Insights. While working at NANA for four years, I accrued expertise in Adaptive Insights integrations. I also decided to specialize in Adaptive Insights. After meetings with Carlson, they brought me onto their team.

What influenced your decision to go into the financial technology industry?

I really enjoy business process automation. Technology systems allow us to achieve this. In my experience, Adaptive Insights is the business planning platform that drives business process automation across a variety of functions. Query building, data integration, dashboards, business intelligence tools, and more are the present and future. Adaptive Insights has an universal quality, connecting with many other important platforms. Those capabilities are very valuable for organizations.

Why did you join Carlson?

Carlson offers many opportunities that focus on my expertise. Here, I can help organizations transform finance through Adaptive Insights integrations. It’s also great how Carlson specializes in a variety of solutions, such as Adaptive Insights, Sage Intacct, DataBlend, and through our acquisition by Alight, Workday. I also like that Carlson is a consulting company and a leader in Adaptive Insights implementations. This is where I want to be.

I originally met Ethan Carlson at Adaptive Live 2018. A mutual contact introduced me to Ethan, saying we should speak with each other. After sharing my background with him, we decided to continue the conversation. It was that initial conversation with Ethan that brought me to Carlson.

What’s a day in the life like as a Senior Associate?

Because I live in Alaska, my mornings depend on meetings I have with clients and colleagues in different time zones. With about three to four meetings a day, I structure my time around them. I can work in the mornings, during the daytime, at night, and weekends, so the hours are flexible. My schedule is up to me.

What’s your favorite aspect about your job and why?

I like flexibility. I enjoy consulting. I also enjoy technology. Because I’m able to be in between IT and finance at Carlson, I’m in my element. That feels good.

At Carlson, I feel like I’m on the right path and doing the right things.

What are some examples of interesting integrations you’ve performed with Adaptive Insights?

Examples of interesting integrations I’ve performed include the following: I have used Adaptive Insights to build Salesforce integrations. I’ve performed NetSuite integrations using the APIs (application programming interface). We were using the API to get the same search results faster. I’m also leveraging the web query method for NetSuite, which allows us to pull financial statements from the platform. I’ve also performed Salesforce reports, namely integrations through the API.

What makes these integrations interesting? With the NetSuite query method, there is no way to extract data from NetSuite when using multi-currency instances. So, you would have to bring the currency, rates, and more into Adaptive Insights to recalculate the appropriated result inside of the system. To make the process easier, I figured out how to get the financial result. That’s a big deal.

For Salesforce integrations, you can bring all those tables and join them through the report method. With our integrations, you get the final results. So, I speed up the process while getting the same accurate results. It’s a much better method. This applies to many platforms.

What trends do you foresee shaping the financial technology industry?

The API will drive the world. Everything will be connected through the API. It’s a more advanced data method that will enhance how organizations manage information. There will be more security, faster implementations, and better access to data. That’s the future.

Organizations will benefit from faster implementations. If they want to connect all their data sources, it will be a smooth process. With Adaptive Insights serving as a large data warehouse, you can connect your core financial systems through APIs. Due to these capabilities, the API will be the major trend that shapes the financial technology industry.

What do you enjoy most about working at Carlson?

At Carlson, I get to work with leading financial technology solutions in business and finance, such as Adaptive Insights. That’s exciting. It’s also great to be a part of a team of consultants who have expertise in the same solutions and are passionate about them. I can ask questions and receive helpful answers. The helpful team at Carlson also makes my experience enjoyable.

What qualities do you bring to make a difference for Carlson’s clients?

I’m responsible and reliable. I have expertise in complex Adaptive Insights integrations. In addition, I have a strong background in business and accounting.

For example, I worked for an online business for ten years, which I really enjoyed. I took photos of nightlife in Russia, and built up a dynamic web presence through social media, banners, and content. As a technology startup company, it had its challenges. We had to be very resourceful.

That resourcefulness is another quality I bring to make a difference for Carlson’s clients.

Can you share a time when you solved a particular client challenge?

The biggest challenge since arriving at Carlson was resolving NetSuite integration issues. We solved this for multi-currency instances using the web query method. That’s a big one. I also solved the QuickBooks Online challenge.

Every time I get a new API, I must piece the puzzle together. It’s like opening a book of new instructions to understand the ins and outs and bring it all together.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Photography is a hobby I particularly enjoy. Because I live in Alaska, landscape photography is my focus. I also like portraits. When I worked for the online company, my focus was nightlife photography.

I also enjoy hunting. When I hunt, I get myself out there. I can also take pictures. So, it’s an all-in-one hobby for me.

 It’s also great to be in Alaska. I like to explore the Denali Highway and see the sights.

My family and I also camp quite frequently with friends. We get ourselves out there near campgrounds. Alaska offers many opportunities for my kids to explore. There are times when the elements are an experience. During one storm, we were stranded on a beach for three days with about 15-foot waves. That was memorable.

The outdoors are a character-builder for my kids. They know how to make fires, put up tents, and other basic skills.

Alaska amazes me every day. When I drive around, the views are incredible. At every turn, the landscape is different. There’s this tremendous beauty all around. I was once speaking with my colleague, Josh Ladd, and a moose walked right by my house. There are all kinds of wildlife, like moose, grizzlies and black bear, caribou, and lynx. These animals and the land make Alaska what it is. So, I have many great experiences here.

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