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Charter Schools: Get Financially Proactive with Sage Intacct

September 12, 2017 / by Dawn Campbell

Is your charter school financially proactive or reactive?  Independent charter schools are growing at a rapid pace and many experience the accounting and budgeting challenges commonly associated with start-up businesses.  When they commence operations, they sometimes implement systems that don’t scale well or provide the modules necessary for certain transactional tasks.  Over time, they may have opened new campuses or a location in another state to provide services to a broader set of students.  They also face regulatory issues with regards to restricted funds and grants which need to be carefully managed and reported on.  

If your school is getting buried under G/L transactions and struggling to provide timely analysis and reports across campuses, Sage Intacct’s cloud ERP solution could be a fit for your institution.  Sage Intacct’s multidimensional, multi-entity console approach can set your school up for current and future growth and free up your accounting team’s time for more value-added analysis and decision-making.  Dimensions and data are shared across locations within Sage Intacct, even if the locations don't interact with each other.  Their commonality is the main console (main entity or top level reporting structure) which can show a consolidated view of the organization.  You can also eliminate the need for obsolete bill backs by creating “due to” and “due from” transactions within Sage Intacct.   Furthermore, your school will gain real-time financial, fund and program visibility across all school locations with easy-to-use reporting via drop down lists.

Intacct Multientity Report.png

Seamless 3rd party integration tools such as DataBlend allow institutions to connect Sage Intacct with external systems such as HRIS, CRM and CPM (budgeting, forecasting and reporting) to allow the various stakeholders access to the information they need for more responsive financial and operational management.   

These are just a few of the benefits of Intacct for charter schools.  If you are interested in learning how Intacct can help your institution become more proactive with financial management, contact Carlson for a discovery call and demo today!

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