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Highlights of Sage Intacct 2021 Release 1

February 16, 2021 / by Mary Beth Gossart

With each quarterly release of Sage Intacct there are many changes to all aspects of the program. Each quarter we get excited to read about the great new features in the release. We got together and chose our favorites to highlight here for you. This is just an overview there are many more new features in the release all of which can be found 2021 R1 Release Notes (


This includes some amazing new technology features brought to us from the Sage AI lab. Yes, that’s right the AI lab. This lab is run by one of Intacct’s founders Aaron Harris and is working hard to make amazing improvements in Sage Intacct. This feature runs on journal entries. If it detects an anomaly it notifies the approver. The approver can then tell the system if it was right or wrong and the system will learn for that. You would be surprised how many journal entries contain errors If you want to take advantage of this feature it must be turned on. Send an email to and we will work with you to get this setup.

Why we like this

We don’t just like it, we love it! Especially Mary Beth who has not stopped talking about it and set it up as soon as she could! Having a final check on journal entries before they are posted and isolating anything that may be wrong saves tons of time correcting and analyzing.

Direct Access to Source Attachments from Project or Grant Invoices

Wouldn't it be great if you could view source document attachments directly from project or grant invoices? Well, now you can! And, even better, when you email project or grant invoices, you can now choose to include the corresponding source document attachments in the email.

Why we like this

Joe does not like this, he loves this! He says this is the greatest thing in this release. We all know that collecting, organizing, and finding source documents is time consuming and the auditors always want the one document you can not find. Keep it all together and have access to the information t any time.

Domestic Consolidation
For those companies that transact in only one currency between multiple entities this will enable them to leverage the powerful consolidation features like auto elimination that global companies have already been using.

Why we like this

Multi entity domestic consolidations are just as time consuming and stressful as global consolidations. Get accurate real time reporting with the push of a button.

This is another great feature brought to us by users. Let’s face it everyone has a month end and year end checklist either in Excel or in their head. Plus, some companies have a list of things they must do to comply with various regulatory agencies. Stop passing an Excel spreadsheet around. Keep those lists in Intacct and assign tasks to various team members. Now you all will be able to see the list of tasks and have it updated in real time.

Why we like this

We are all for one source of truth and ditching Excel, so we think this is a win all around. You are already in Intacct performing those tasks it only makes sense to manage the list from within Intacct.

Delegate approvals when you’re out of the office
This is another great feature brought to us by users. Everyone needs a vacation especially these days! Now when you are on vacation you can delegate someone else to approve General Ledger transactions in your absence. This new feature works like an out of office option and can be maintained in your My Preferences for ease of use.

Why we like this
First we get asked if we can do this all the time and we have had to say no so now we can say yes! Also, we like to go on vacation as much as you, put the phone down and take a break without worrying that everything has ground to a halt in your absence.

Enhanced Approver Support

Now users can share the workload of approvals by taking advantage of this new feature that gives the ability to designate a user group as an approver or substitute. Designating a user group as an approver spreads the workload as any member of the group can approve a transaction.

Why we like this

Share the approval workload and get faster approvals? Who wouldn’t like this? We are all for not burdening users unnecessarily and being solely responsible for approvals can be a huge burden.

Show Filter Tab and Prompt values in Footer Area

Troubleshooting reports can be time consuming and tricky. To make it easier, you can now replace the footer text (temporarily or permanently) to include all the filters and values selected on the Format tab of a financial report. You also see any values included from the prompts when the report was run.

Why We like this

This is great! Report comparison can be very time consuming trying to figure out why numbers are different from one report to the next. Now you will be able to quickly compare parameters between reports immediately.

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