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How Carlson Achieved Platinum Premier Accreditation from Adaptive Insights - A Q&A with Bryan Zbyszynski

August 22, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier


CUsersa1015786OneDrive - Alight SolutionsDocumentsA Q&A with Bryan-1Through the enduring partnership between Adaptive Insights and Carlson Management Consulting (Carlson), mutual customers are at the forefront of planning to achieve business agility in a fast-moving world. In recognition of Carlson’s successful implementations and happy customers, it attained the Platinum Premier Accreditation from Adaptive Insights.

Bryan Zbyszynski, Customer Success Manager, shares how Carlson’s strong relationship management approach enables customers to seamlessly move from deployment to customer success and support, while experiencing the benefits of the Adaptive Insights Customer Journey.

Can you describe Carlson’s Customer Success program?

The focus of Carlson’s Customer Success program is ensuring our customers are getting the most out of their partnerships with Carlson and Adaptive Insights. That means helping our customers through their Adaptive Insights implementations, providing ongoing support after Go-Live, coaching the customers through the renewal process, and/or reviewing additional modules that can add value to customers’ functionality needs.

Carlson’s Customer Success program consists of our dedicated consultants and support team members who take ownership of client relationships. Our consultants have a deep understanding of our customers’ accounts, from licensing and implementation to the first budget cycle after they Go Live.

Can you share some success stories?

The first success story that comes to mind features an organization that partnered with Carlson in 2015. We advised them on the purchase of Adaptive Consolidations, which we then implemented with the efforts of one of our lead consultants.

Fast forward to October 2018, we performed a full reimplementation of their Adaptive Insights model. The project was from November to February, so were able to help them get up-and-running in a short time period. It also involved an integration with Secure File Transfer Protocol using DataBlend.

The client was happy with their results. They described how quickly they were able to run reports after our support. Initially, the task took 3-5 days on average. We were able to reduce it to 3 hours, thereby saving them a lot of time.

Another great customer success story features a nonprofit organization with sensitive budget needs. They recently had a renewal due July 2019. I was able to secure for them a five-year renewal with very favorable pricing.

Carlson attained the Platinum Premier Accreditation from Adaptive Insights. To what do you attribute that success?

I attribute that success to hiring consultants who have strong knowledge of both Adaptive Insights and FP&A.

With their backgrounds and deep expertise in FP&A, they build Adaptive Insights models of varying complexity with finance best practices in mind. These models are custom-built and optimized to improve business performance. Our consultants also have technical expertise in Adaptive Insights, most having used it in corporate finance roles prior to joining Carlson.

Because of our track record of successful implementations, Carlson has grown a large base of referenceable and happy customers across various industries.

Adaptive Insights cited our proven knowledge of the Business Planning Cloud and happy customers for the accreditation. How does Carlson’s Customer Success program ensure implementation success and customer satisfaction?

Our consultants are very well-rounded when it comes to understanding various industries’ needs for budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. We have consultants with specialized knowledge of best practices in higher education, nonprofits, manufacturing, life sciences, and more. They’re able to provide custom solutions that fit those industries.

That comprehensive knowledge contributes to our implementation success and customer satisfaction.

What are some typical areas of support that you and the team provide?

We demo Adaptive Insights, perform implementations, and provide post Go-Live Support as well as ongoing Support to guide customers throughout their journeys with Adaptive Insights.

Additionally, we manage renewals, make additions that expand functionality, and provide technical assistance when necessary. We really get to know our customers’ FP&A teams. So, if someone on a customer's team leaves, they’ll have a point-of-contact to connect with on our team who understands their models.

What’s a day in the life like as a Customer Success Manager?

A day in the life as a Customer Success Manager varies depending on the month and quarter.

Priority number one is ensuring our customers’ accounts are in good standing. This means they’re getting a good return on investment from their purchases of Adaptive Insights and making the most of its capabilities.

My second priority is to ensure our customers’ accounts are renewed on time and they’re getting the best pricing available. I also coach our customers when it benefits them to commit to multi-year agreements. To help customers maximize their use of Adaptive Insights, I add seats and modules so they can enjoy expanded use of its capabilities.

Ultimately, these daily activities all contribute to making our customers happy.

What qualities do you bring to make a difference for Carlson’s customers?

First and foremost, I’m readily available as a point-of-contact to Carlson’s customers. For example, that can include connecting a customer with a new support resource, their original implementation project manager, or a contact at Adaptive Insights. I also assist with technical questions, such as getting seats turned on, facilitating user logins, and/or reviewing the standing of accounts.

Secondly, I attend to customers’ questions and requests as fast as possible, following up with them to make certain these requests are answered to satisfaction.

Thirdly, I bring a positive outlook. This helps with any issues that may arise, as I make sure they’re fixed as smoothly as possible.

Those are the qualities I bring to make a difference for Carlson’s customers.

Are you beginning your Adaptive Insights Journey? Learn how to move seamlessly from deployment to customer success and support. Our dedicated support team is here to help.


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