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How to Drive Operational Efficiency Through Integrated Expense Forecasting

August 8, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Image 1-8For organizations to thrive, they must be agile. This means having a dynamic set of platforms and processes that can help you adapt and stay ahead. How can your finance team achieve business agility? You can move quickly and easily into the future through data integration. 

First, what is data integration? It’s the act of bringing data together from various sources. When you unify your planning experience, you can get a complete picture of performance. In business where everything is interconnected, you can identify those connections.

Expense planning is more efficient than ever with integration. You can track expenses easily and understand how they’re impacting business. After all, a key part of maximizing revenue is optimizing your expenses and allocating resources in a way that produces impressive results. 

Adaptive Insights, the business planning platform built for business agility, helps you analyze expenses on a deeper level. You have both a holistic and granular view. It’s a single source of truth, giving you true visibility that helps you make smarter decisions and drive operational efficiency.

Here’s how to manage your expenses with a robust suite of integrated solutions:

Build World-Class Models

World-class financial modeling is the foundation for success. It helps you guide your organization to its desired future. 

With Adaptive Insights, you can model virtually anything. To stay ahead, it’s important to look ahead. When you forecast the future, you have the foresight to know your path of action. 

Adaptive Insights’ ease-of-use helps you model your expenses in ways complementary to your goals. You can build models that help you anticipate the impact of specific decisions, assess different scenarios, calculate project expenses, create effective budgets, allocate resources, and more. This knowledge shines light on the best strategies.

World-Class Models

Unify Your Planning Experience 

Planning is at its best when unified.

Because Adaptive Insights is integrated, you can monitor expenses for virtually anything. Get all-encompassing insights on expenses for personnel, payroll, benefits, driver-based factors, taxes, general and administrative, allocations, and more.

As you integrate Adaptive Insights with your other core systems, you can move information seamlessly to where you want it. Consider what data sources will broaden your view of the organization. As you combine financial data with non-financial data, you can identify strategic connections in your business. 

Unify Your Planning Experience

Personnel Planning

People are at the heart of business. They bring life to the mission. Developing a team of fulfilled and productive people begins with personnel planning.

Through personnel planning, you can cultivate a culture where people do their best work. Import data from an ADP source into Adaptive Insights, and you can analyze key expenses, such as payroll, compensation, 401K, benefits, medical, and more. 

Personnel Planning

Drill Down into the Details

The details make the complete picture. That’s why paying attention to them pays off.

With Adaptive Insights, you can dive deep into the layers of your business.  

Drill down into the cells, and you can explore what’s behind the numbers. These capabilities help you evaluate transactions, salaries, and other expenses in granular detail.

Want to share more information? You can also enter footnotes for easy collaboration. 

With this agile way to manage data, you can on top of what’s happening.

Explore Cell


Visualize and Analyze Through Compelling Reports

Active planning gives you an insightful perspective. You can truly see business realities.

How you display your data influences that perspective. To get the most value, it’s important to analyze data in various shapes and forms. By doing so, you can identify meaningful patterns and understand how everything fits.

With Adaptive Insights, you have the ability to visualize expenses in stunning graphs, charts, tables, and more. Use conditional formatting, and you can highlight patterns fast. Its intuitive reporting helps you customize metrics so you can create and share the KPIs that matter. 

These reports are instrumental to success in meetings with decision makers. Present your findings in compelling ways to get everyone on board with your initiatives.

Compelling Reports

Learn More About Integrated Expense Forecasting 

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