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How to Supercharge Your Sales Team with Adaptive Insights for Sales

August 15, 2018 / by Lauren Strohmeier

bracelets-collaboration-colleagues-398532It’s an exciting day on the sales floor. As a manager, you are leading and motivating a team while striving to meet quotas. To create accountability, you have allotted time each week to cold calling. You hear focused conversations, as your team members place calls to sell your products and services. You glance at the whiteboard on the wall, which shows who brought in leads and deals. You wonder: Will the team meet its quota?

It’s a guessing game, one that plays out with each quarter.

Take the guesswork out of sales. Transform your questions into answers.

Adaptive Insights for Sales is bringing successful sales planning to organizations.


Bhaskar Himatsingka, Chief Product Officer at Adaptive Insights, shares how this innovation will make the sales process more data-driven and transparent:

“We saw an opportunity for innovation, because historically sales planning has been a blend of art and science,” he revealed. “We’ve taken the guesswork out of this kind of planning with Adaptive Insights for Sales. Now teams can easily get territories and quotas right with models rooted in real-time data and analytics. This lets sales organizations dynamically leverage performance data like actual bookings and sales pipeline as well as quota attainment and quota recovery to optimize performance – while linking with the corporate plan – all in real time.” 

Imagine the analogy that compares sales with sports. There are some similarities. Sales and sports thrive on teamwork, collaboration, and motivation. They both require active planning. They both are driven by setting actionable goals.

Like any winning sports team, a successful sales team must be equipped with the right resources.

Here is how Adaptive Insights for Sales helps you create a high-performing sales team.

Gain Visibility and Transparency

In sales, a plan of action is key to success. It calls for the ability to make goals happen decisively with a sense of vision. When you sell with a plan, you keep your eye on the ball.

Capacity and Quota Models

Adaptive Insights for Sales has capacity and quota models that enable you to conduct real-time, what-if scenarios for ramping, staffing, and attainment. With enhanced forecasting abilities, you can transform the unpredictable into the predictable. You develop informed strategies that lead to sealed deals.


Well-Balanced Territories

Want to deploy your sales team for the best results? Create well-balanced territories. The program gives you the capability to design territories. You optimize performance by assigning sales team members to the territories that fit their strengths.


Align Sales Plan with Business Priorities

A sales plan that aligns with data reflects your organization’s business priorities. With Adaptive Insights for Sales, you can link your sales plan to your core financial model to synchronize bookings targets, head count plans, and expense data.

You can further optimize your sales plan by importing actuals from your CRM system, such as Salesforce. These insights into actual customer performance give you the ability to be agile and change course as necessary.


Set Actionable Goals

Sales thrives on efficient goal-setting. When you set actionable goals, you guide your team in the direction you want to head in. Like a sports huddle, you bring your team together to strategize, come up with plans of action, and celebrate successes.

Adaptive Insights for Sales is the perfect complement to your workplace huddle. 

With the sales solution, you can set targets aligned with the goals of your organization’s finance team. High-level targets flow smoothly from your corporate finance model, then are categorized according to time, region, product, and other segments congruent with your market strategy.

This collaborative workflow is key. When you align your sales team with the finance team, you achieve true unity that opens the door to a brighter future for your organization.

Create a Successful Sales Team

Like the quote by John C. Maxwell states, “teamwork makes the dreamwork”.

When people work together, it’s amazing the dreams they can make happen. Because unity is strength, success in sales comes from collaboration.

Adaptive Insights for Sales helps you create a strong sales team fueled by collaborative planning.

As a manager, you handle logistics that can significantly affect the results of your initiatives. Adaptive Insights helps you manage sales logistics with ease, so you can make decisions that lead to desired financial results.

Specifically, you can build detailed bottom-up sales staffing plans to model planned representative hires, ramping schedules, and attrition. With its flexible, intuitive interface, you can run what-if scenarios in real-time. You can also add headcount, push out hire dates, change ramping assumptions, plan for attrition, and evaluate the capacity impacts in real time.

When you put these logistical capabilities into motion, your sales team puts your plan into action.


Set Optimal Quotas

Motivating your team and setting optimal quotas come hand in hand.

What’s the most effective way to set quotas that inspire peak performance?

Identify the perfect balance between too high and too low. Within that range, you will find the number that brings out the best in your team.

Adaptive Insights for Sales helps you identify the quota that produces maximum productivity. You can use flexible templates to input and manage quotas by representative or role. In addition, you can visually monitor coverage in real time to ensure enough quota has been deployed to hit targets. Want to evaluate each sales representative’s contributions? Track performance by representative to see forward assumptions in the context of historical actuals.

When you have visibility into your team’s performance, you can give direction that motivates, mobilizes, and inspires.


Make Territory Planning Easy

Territory planning is essential to making the most of your team’s potential. When you deploy your team’s talents and skills to prime geographical areas, your organization can grow and scale faster than ever before.

Adaptive Insights for Sales gives you the ability to divide and optimize territories to ensure every representative can meet, or exceed, their quota. Additionally, you can import TAM, lead, opportunity, and customer data sets from CRM and marketing automation systems. You can segment and score your market by geography, company size, vertical, and product attributes. Do you know which territories to assign to your sales reps? Assign reps through named accounts or by geo/segment, and then analyze and optimize for balance.


Picture This Scenario

You have implemented Adaptive Insights for Sales.

It’s another exciting day on the sales floor, though now your day is free of guesswork. You have answers. There’s structure and predictability in your process. You feel more in command of your team’s performance. You know each sales representative is fully leveraging their skills for the advancement of the organization. You feel confident about the quotas you’re setting. And, your territories are mapped out strategically. With sales skyrocketing, your organization is winning new business.

Want to make your dream scenario a reality?

Supercharge your sales planning today by requesting a demo.


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