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Life Sciences Organizations Benefit from Business Discovery with Carlson's Solution on the Adaptive Insights Marketplace

March 15, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Image 1-6At your organization, you are providing innovative solutions in the life sciences that help humankind. Every day, you’re creating a healthier future. You’re in a fulfilling industry that finds solutions to ailments and disease. Because of the sheer scale of your work’s impact, it deserves financial planning technology solutions tailored to the life sciences.

Adaptive Insights, the cloud-based business planning solution, helps Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device companies make decisions fueled by data-driven insights.

With Carlson’s prebuilt solution, available on the Adaptive Insights Marketplace, you benefit from real-time data and active planning that leads to business discovery and sound financial stewardship. Our solution accelerates the implementation of Adaptive Insights, so you can enjoy its many benefits sooner.

You also get the most out of your Adaptive investment with built-in finance and systems best practices optimized for the life sciences.

Renee Sinha, Manager of Adaptive Insights Implementations and Life Sciences Practice Lead, shares why Carlson's solution is a valuable fit for life sciences financial planning:

“Carlson’s prebuilt solution is a culmination of the numerous life sciences implementations that our team has conducted, in addition to years of experience within the industry. The combination of this solution and our team of financial experts makes Carlson Management Consulting the perfect partner to bring your organization’s financial planning to life in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Whether in the discovery and research and development stages, in the clinic, or commercializing product, venture-backed, public, small organization or big pharma, this solution has something that can benefit any life sciences organization. With our Adaptive Insights solution, FP&A teams are able to be proactive with insights they now have readily."

Create Customized Statements


Get a deep understanding of how your business is performing across the board through robust budgeting, forecasting, planning, and reporting capabilities.

With Carlson’s prebuilt solution, you can manage your budget and core financials more efficiently than ever. Specifically, you can customize your Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and indirect and direct Cash Flow statements for quick viewing and using reports to slice data by programs.

Manage Your Revenue

Because revenue drives the financial health of your business, it’s essential to analyze your revenue streams. With Carlson’s prebuilt solution, you can evaluate revenue throughout your organization in the past, present, and future. Life Sciences solutions include Collaboration, Grant, Royalty, as well as Gross to Net Revenue by partnership, customers and/or products.

Gross to Net Revenue and Cost of Goods


You can now plan revenue by program or product by entering (or loading data) in units, the Wholesale Acquisition Sale price, resulting in the gross revenue. Calculate gross to net adjustments based on historical data, and then calculate the resulting Gross to Net adjustments to determine Net Revenue and Net Price/Unit.

You can also factor in Cost of Goods (COGS) as well as inventory calculations, which will inform your balance sheet. Additionally, there are COGS for Royalty and Milestone, which reflect any assumptions you have for royalty-based payments for partners. Supply chain models are also available for those users not yet in the commercial stages.

Get a Big-Picture, High-Level View


To gain a holistic understanding of financial performance, it’s wise to get a big-picture, high-level view. You go beyond the metrics, discovering their connections to business realities.

With Carlson’s prebuilt solution, you get real-time visibility across your entire organization. Specifically, you can view insights at a variety of intersections: your organization structure, programs and projects, as well as additional information associated with programs and projects. This includes programs, their stages, indications, partners, descriptions, and whether they’ve been implemented. Other options include viewing data by vendor and customer.

With this holistic perspective, you now have the deep understanding that drives profitable strategic business decisions.

Easily Track Expenses

Carlson’s prebuilt solution has expense capabilities that enable you to easily keep track of business spending. Take expense planning to a whole new level with the following examples: Clinical Trials, CAPEX – New Assets, Prepaids, and Travel and Entertainment.

Clinical Trials

A variety of choices are available for organizations that range from detailed clinical trials planning to high level. Abilities include loading of CRO budgets into Adaptive for tracking and monitoring expenses over time (detailed), to high level planning by entering in total trial costs and allocating expenses to cost categories. Managing clinical expenses is a large part of your business and the prebuilt solution sets you and your organization up for success.

CAPEX – New Assets


You can view expenses by organization structure, select the Asset type, and choose a Project and Program. You can also choose a Vendor and enter additional notes associated with that capital expense item. There’s also an Approved column. If you indicate it’s been approved, the capital calculations will flow through into the Income Statement and appropriately enter your Balance Sheet.


You can enter in user subscriptions, maintenance agreements, trade show information, and market research information for anything that requires prepayment. You can also renew prepaids on an annual basis automatically.

Travel and Entertainment


Do you or team members go on the road for business? Does your organization plan events? You can plan expenses by departments, trip purposes, corresponding programs and projects, numbers of attendees, trip durations, domestic locations, and dates. This is especially useful for commercial organizations with in-house sales teams.

People Planning


Planning for a successful future means people planning. Your organization’s employees are the most important drivers of business performance.

With the Personnel Sheet, you can plan personnel by project. Simply enter in names, titles, start dates, pay rates (hourly or annual), bonuses, and benefits. This sheet is also tied into other headcount-based calculations, such as lab consumables. You can view how employee time is distributed among projects.

Premium Support

Making the most of your Adaptive Insights investment, as well as Carlson’s prebuilt life sciences solution, depends on how you leverage their capabilities. That’s why we provide ongoing support that helps you navigate your journey with Adaptive Insights. For any questions you have, you receive quick and thorough answers from our highly-responsive support team.

Data Powers Discovery in Business

Discovery is at the heart of the life sciences. It’s also at the heart of your business. When you evaluate data to make discoveries, you can also create a better financial future for your life sciences organization. 

As you look through the lens of your business, what do you see?

With Carlson’s prebuilt solution for the life sciences, get visibility into your business that illuminates the way forward to success.


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