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New Sage Intacct General Ledger Report Shows Balance by Dimension

January 21, 2020 / by Joe Giorgio and Mary Beth Gossart

Picture-1Sage Intacct has introduced a new standard General Ledger dimension balance report, which provides a summary-style presentation of balances with dimension values. The Dimension Balances Report gives you visibility into account balances by dimension in aggregate, rather than filtering one dimension at a time. This is useful for comparing balances by dimension (e.g. location, department, and employee).

You can select the dimensions to include in the balance report along with the presentation style, so dimensions can appear side-by-side as columns or in cascading format. In addition, you can select the dimension name and dimension ID individually, or select a combined dimension ID and name presentation.

To run the Dimension Balance Report, go to General Ledger > All > Reports and click Dimension Balances. After selecting the desired values and options as you would when running any report, select the dimensions you want to include in your report from the new Show Dimensions Value section.

SI dimensions report border

Periodically Check for New Reports

Periodically, Sage Intacct adds new standard reports that can be downloaded. These new reports are in response to user feedback and can be very helpful. To see a list of these reports and install them, choose Reports/Reports Center then New Reports.

Reports center-1

Choose the template you would like to add.

SI templates border

Click Install next to the report that you would like to install. Keep in mind that you may already have most of these reports on your menu.

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