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Adaptive Live 14 Highlights

May 27, 2014 1:33:28 PM / by Ethan Carlson

If you attended the Adaptive Insights conference, Adaptive Live (#ALive14), I think you would agree that it was an impressive and energizing event. For those like myself that have been working with Adaptive since the early days, this year's conference really felt like a whole new ballgame. With nearly 1,000 attendees, double the previous year's participation, Adaptive's key event has officially moved beyond a user group meeting and is now a fully-fledged conference. If you missed the event, don’t make the same mistake again. Here is a recap of some of the highlights:

1) Billy Beane, the thought leader and revolutionary general manager of the Oakland A's, got this finance crowd worked up with his stories of how analytics has transformed the game of baseball. His story is well known from the book and movie Moneyball, but hearing him talk on this topic was extraordinary. The key takeaway for me was that data analysis alone wasn't what made him successful. It was finding ways to look at data differently, transforming data into information and creating competitive advantage by finding correlations before everyone else. This concept can be applied to any business and industry if you look beyond the obvious and really understand the drivers of success.

As a sponsor of the event, CMC along with other vendors and Adaptive staff were extremely accessible to all and provided a great opportunity to network and learn about new products.

2) The Experience Hall - As a sponsor of the event, CMC along with other vendors and Adaptive staff were extremely accessible to all and provided a great opportunity to network and learn about new products. This was a big success for the first year Adaptive has offered this as a feature of the conference. A special thanks to our customers in attendance including: Sandvine, Root Capital, VEIC, Circles, Conservation Services Group, AGF financial, Virtual Inc., Exo-s, Sound Physicians and many more. We are already looking forward to coming back next year as a sponsor again.

3) Higher Education Panel - This exciting vertical is one of Adaptive's fastest growing market segments and one in which CMC has deep experience and an increasing number of customers. Adaptive’s multi-dimensional nature and flexible design has made the system a natural choice for higher education budgeting and planning needs. Montclair State University spoke at length about how they have used Adaptive to transform their budget process while replacing a more costly, less flexible Hyperion system.

4) New Products - The introduction of Office Connect may have stolen the show but there were many other new and future features unveiled by Connie Dewitt, VP of Product Development. Office Connect will offer Adaptive customers the opportunity to build dynamic reports directly in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. We are excited about this product as it addresses a real need for our customers. In the near future, we will be sharing ways our own CMC Report Writer can be used along with Office Connect to further elevate reporting capabilities.

5) The Party at the Exploratorium - After a full day of educational sessions, the Adaptive events team really outdid themselves with this unique and fun party. With great food and entertainment (including a great 80's cover band) to go with the Weird Science theme, Kristen, Sarah, Amy and the whole events team did an outstanding job. They continue to find ways to raise the bar every year.

Adaptive Live was a fun, educational and energizing two days. There were too many great sessions to completely list so please contact us if you want to hear more about any specific sessions, new features or Adaptive Insights in general.


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