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Is it Time to Optimize Your Adaptive Insights System?

Nov 24, 2015 9:18:11 AM / by Dave Phillips

Adaptive-Insights-Platinum-Partner_03Has the year-end budget cycle exposed shortcomings in your Adaptive Insights model?  Has your organization evolved since your initial implementation?  Are there additional sheets, reports, or metrics you’d like to incorporate? Are you making the most of all of the new features Adaptive Insights has released?

Carlson Management Consulting, a Certified Adaptive Platinum Partner and 4 time award-winner, offers an Adaptive Insights Optimization service. This service is designed to help existing Adaptive Insights customers get the full value out of their system. We have helped numerous clients review and revise their models to better fit their business and reporting requirements.

Our Optimization Service includes the following:

  • Review of your current model
  • Discussion of business processes and pain points
  • Review of current model vs. best practices
  • Review of current reporting requirements, identification of report design and format improvements
  • Written documentation of findings and presentation of recommended system improvements
  • Deployment of recommended changes and improvements to your Adaptive model and reporting (optional)
  • Training on new features within Adaptive Insights’ most recent releases (optional)

Our Optimization Service is tailored to fit your needs but typically entails as little as 25 hours over the course of 2-4 weeks.  Clients receive a separate proposal to implement recommendations and receive training.

Want to start 2016 with an Adaptive Insights system that truly meets your needs? Fill out the contact form to discuss your challenges and learn more about this cost-effective, high value service.


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