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Q&A with Carlson’s Joe Giorgio on Better Time and Expense Management with Nexonia

October 3, 2017 / by Dave Phillips

There is an increasing need for organizations to streamline their expense management and focus on cost-savings.  Leading organizations are leveraging systems, solutions and technology to keep their infrastructure lean while delivering rich programs with seamless Intacct integrations.

I sat down with Joe Giorgio from Carlson Management Consulting to discuss how Nexonia is a strong expense management solution for Carlson’s clients.

Dave: Joe, what is your role at Carlson?

Joe:  I recently joined Carlson as a Senior Associate with their Sage Intacct implementation practice.  In my previous position, I also had an opportunity to implement Nexonia with several clients and helped them realize the financial and operational benefits that a cloud expense management solution that integrates seamlessly with Intacct can deliver.  So, in addition to Sage Intacct implementations, I’m the point person on Nexonia projects.

Dave: What problems does Nexonia solve for organizations?

Joe:  There are many problems that using Nexonia can solve.   The two largest of those problems focuses on efficiency, with the first being elimination of duplicate entry.  The person responsible for the charge (reimbursement or corporate credit card charge) has the knowledge needed to record the expense and usually the accounting department does not.  By using Nexonia to have those people enter the expense, the accounting staff is no longer duplicating the information by manually entering those transactions into Intacct.  The second problem that Nexonia eliminates is lack of visibility.  Staff no longer need to contact the accounting department to determine if they ever received the request for reimbursement.  The person submitting the request can easily see where in the process their request is.  This becomes more important as an organization’s approval workflow becomes larger and more complex. There will no longer be lost expense reports or receipts. Nexonia also allows for multi-level and unlimited approval routing.

Dave: What trends in technology do you see that organizations can benefit from when using expense management software?

Joe:  In my opinion, the most important trend in technology is the fact that successful software providers are identifying what they do well and are focusing their solutions to solve specific problems.  This is definitely evident looking at the relationship between Nexonia and Intacct.  Both solutions are best in class for what they do - Nexonia with complex expense approval workflow and Intacct with financial tracking and reporting. 

Another major trend in technology is the move to the cloud.  Both Nexonia and Intacct are “born in the cloud”.  Other providers have taken their legacy on-premise solutions to the cloud but are not originally architected for the cloud so they maintain some of their legacy limitations.  Key benefits of true cloud solutions are “anywhere-access” and less reliance on IT.  When something is truly cloud-based you only need the internet and a web browser.  Nexonia takes this one step further by creating a mobile application that can be used even when offline.  When expense reports are created offline they are automatically synched once you gain internet access.  This become tremendously helpful when you are on a plane and do not have wifi.  This turns previously unproductive time into another opportunity to catch up with expenses.   

Another important trend is the focus on seamless integration between systems.   While it is possible to integrate on-premise applications, the integration between cloud-based applications is even easier.  Nexonia and Intacct have worked together to build a bi-directional integration that comes with your Nexonia subscription.  Intacct dimensions will be imported into Nexonia for coding of the expense reports.  Once you reimburse those expense reports from Intacct, the payment information also comes into Nexonia.  On the Nexonia side, all approved transactions will automatically flow over to Intacct for payment processing.  If receipts are attached, those receipts will also flow over to Intacct so anyone reviewing financial reports in Intacct can drill into the transaction and see the attached receipts. 

Dave: In your experience, what are some of the verticals that use Nexonia? How has Nexonia helped them?

Joe: Our partnership with Nexonia makes a lot of sense because the markets we serve are a great fit for cloud expense management.  We have customers in software, nonprofit, manufacturing, higher education, life sciences, healthcare, financial services and even professional sports.  These verticals (and more) will receive quick ROI with Nexonia.  At a more fundamental level, many of our customers have made the transition from spreadsheet-based processes to leveraging the cloud.  As we know, spreadsheets do not scale once your organization reaches a certain size or level of complexity.  When your spreadsheet-based expense management process begins to break down, you know it’s time to look for a cloud solution like Nexonia.

Dave: Nexonia takes great pride in their ease-of-use for customers and quick support as two of their greatest strengths. In your experience, is this true?

Joe:  It’s not uncommon for companies to have concerns about the introduction of a new expense management system to their less tech-savvy staff.  In our experience, the response to Nexonia after implementation has been uniform amazement over how easy it is to use and how quickly staff embraces it.  Not only that, I’ve received only positive feedback from clients about Nexonia support.  They are really on the ball when it comes to resolving any questions or issues.

Dave: Why is ease of use so important and how do you keep the software simple yet powerful from a functionality perspective?

Joe:  One of the hardest things for a solution provider to do is walk that tightrope between ease-of-use and flexibility of the software.  Nexonia has found that balance while being able to address complex workflows depending on the needs of the customer.  The best example of this is in the approvals.  Some clients have very straightforward approvals and anyone with minimal experience can make adjustments.  I have worked with clients that have a much more complex approval process which requires more experience and that is where Nexonia customer service shines.  Nexonia support has always been able to configure any approval process that I have brought to them. 

Dave:  How have you seen Nexonia save time and money for organizations?

Joe:  The clients that I’ve worked with often have folks in the field who accrue a large volume of expenses.  Compiling receipts and filling out expense forms can be a hassle.  It’s pretty common to lose receipts, to file the report late, etc.  Let’s face it, it’s not a fun task and people would rather be working on projects or enjoying some down-time.  For accounting, they want expenses in as near real-time as possible so they can bill the client when appropriate or better manage internal expenses.  Nexonia’s mobile app let’s your team quickly and easily take a picture of a receipt, associate with the project or cost center, and you’re done.  Accounting doesn’t need to review a score of spreadsheet reports and input into the G/L.  This results in very quick time and cost savings.

Dave: Joe, if someone wants to learn more about Nexonia, what is a good next step?

Joe:  I would suggest scheduling a quick discovery call and demo.  Most organizations, regardless of vertical, will “get it” very quickly.  Managing expenses is an onerous task both for the employee as well as the company.  Nexonia makes it quick and easy for anyone who logs expenses, thus freeing them up for more value-added activities.  With the integration to Intacct, it automates the recording of expenses to the correct project so that the accounting team no longer needs to manually record expenses.  It’s a win-win all around.

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