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Streamline Billing and Revenue Management with Sage Intacct

November 10, 2020 / by Mary Beth Gossart

Would you like to accelerate the quote to cash process by up to 30%? Are you struggling to manage billing scenarios from complex customer contracts? Does it take a lot of effort to get real time data to make decisions? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then read on about Sage Intacct’s Contract Management module.

There are a lot of reasons to get excited about this module. Not only can you address all of the above but you can gain real time bi-directional synchronization with Salesforce. There is no need for a custom integration that entails expensive consulting hours and extensive involvement from your IT department. Sage Intacct, with its Advanced CRM Integration, creates collaboration between Sales and Accounting with its streamlined order-to-cash process. This efficient integration process saves time, reduces errors and accelerates cash flow management. Data flows seamlessly between both Salesforce and Sage Intacct so that customers, orders and contracts are always up to date with no data re-entry. Sales staff become more self-sufficient by having all the information they need within Salesforce. Accounting staff no longer need to rekey orders and contracts. They will be automatically placed into Sage Intacct waiting for the next step in the workflow. The time saved by all users not only enables businesses to scale without increasing headcount, it also enables accurate invoices to be sent out faster thus improving day sales outstanding (DSO).

In some cases, businesses are hesitant to increase prices or adopt growth-oriented pricing models due to the labor-intensive process required to do so. Sage Intacct Contract Management module leverages billing templates and pricing models that are automated to enable you to “set it and forget it”. These billing templates are customizable and are based on each company’s own specific business needs. In addition, revenue recognition schedules are separate from billing and are also customizable. Templates can be set to recognize revenue based on customer usage as needed. Sage Intacct also does the heavy lifting and automates compliance with ASC 606 for you.

Grappling with MEA issues? The Contract Management module recognizes revenue across multi-element arrangements. In addition to providing audit trail, it also handles changes to the contract. Businesses that spend less time trying to figure out what to bill and how revenue should be recognized are able to get bills out faster and decrease DSO.

The Contract Management module manages all aspects of the customer life cycle. This single source of truth, the contract, gives businesses the deep visibility they are seeking. Track changes, renewals, upsells, downsells and holds while automatically updating revenue recognition, billing and financials. Easily make those changes to active contracts and revenue will automatically be recalculated, even retroactively. From the contract master, automated forecasting can be created to enable real time visibility into all aspects of a contract’s life cycle. Sage Intacct does not rely on external tools to display real-time, drillable source data; rather, it has that native capability. Sage Intacct’s dashboards provide financial reports, operational reports using key metrics, and performance cards, to make it easy to see how your company is performing at a glance. The highly customizable dashboards can be configured by each user to make them more productive.

Do you want to see this module in action? Let’s setup a demo today.

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