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The Carlson Company Summit: A Tropical Adventure in Finance Transformation

January 24, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

A Tropical Adventure in Finance TransformationWith adventure, comes the joy of discovery. During Carlson’s company summit 2019, organized by Ethan Carlson and Sarrah McNall, discovery in finance was forefront in Nassau, Bahamas. Surrounded by inspiring tropical views, we explored best practices for solutions on the leading edge of business technology: Adaptive Insights, Sage Intacct, and Workday.

Carlson’s company summit 2019 transformed more than finance. It transformed us.

There were educational meetings that fostered knowledge-sharing. There were collaborative breakout sessions that gave rise to lively discussion and plans of action. There were discovery sessions that delved into the latest platform capabilities.

Most importantly, there were the people. The experience brought everyone together. During this meeting of the minds, we produced ideas that will advance our mission to help clients succeed through finance transformation.

A Zest for Knowledge

Company Huddle

The first morning, we were ready to begin our company meeting in the resort’s Halls Pond Cay room. Ethan Carlson, Founder and CEO, gave an enlightening presentation on Carlson’s growth throughout the years.

Ethan also shared Carlson’s goals in the future, as we recently joined Alight Solutions to provide organizations with finance best practices and leading business technologies.

With the dawn of a new era for Carlson, we discovered developments on the horizon. Colin Brennan, Executive Vice President of Cloud Deployment at Alight Solutions, welcomed us to the Alight family and spoke about how our combined strengths will help our clients achieve success.

Marketing and Business Development Update

DaveDavid Phillips, Marketing Director at Carlson, and Mike Mooney, Head of Business Development, led the next event highlight as they shared their respective initiatives. Their presentation gave us an inside look into how they provide value to organizations through engaging webinars, enduring partner relationships, entertaining events, and educational resources.

It was also great to hear how Carlson’s contributions have resulted in it being awarded the Inc. 5000, Adaptive Insights Partner of the Region, and Boston Business Journal Fast 50.

Collaborative Breakout Sessions

Collaboration sparked new ideas and processes, as we gathered into our breakout sessions. We put our heads together to brainstorm efficiencies and innovations. Customized to our respective areas of expertise, the sessions were dedicated to the latest features and benefits of cloud financial solutions, training and certifications, and business development action items.

We developed plans that will help clients get the most out of their cloud financial solutions to elevate their FP&A and accounting.

An Exploration of Workday

Workday, the cloud ERP solution for finance, HR, and business planning, was the highlight of discussion during the second day. Samuel Phillips, Senior Manager at Alight Solutions, shared how Workday gives business users total visibility into their organizations with its intuitive dashboards and in-depth analytics.

Through a demo, we were able to see first-hand how its reporting capabilities drive real-time insights and better business performance.

We Create MomentsAs the Proverb Goes: Life is About Moments. Create Them.

And create them, we did.

At its core, the Carlson company summit is about bringing everyone together. With a diverse team in locations throughout the U.S. and U.K., it’s an opportunity for in-person connection. That connection brings us even closer together, as we celebrate successes and plan for the future.

There were moments of conversation as we enjoyed panoramic views from a rooftop bar. There were evening dinners during which we shared stories and laughter. There was the feeling of balmy breezes and sunshine by the pool. There was the exhilaration of swimming in the crystal blue ocean. There were refreshing boat rides. There was a snorkeling excursion that delighted us with sights of colorful fish and a sanctuary with marine life native to the islands.

In this tropical oasis, the teamwork, camaraderie, and exploration were moments we’ll cherish.

Farewell, Bahamas. It’s been fun.

We’re looking forward to helping organizations transform finance in 2019 and beyond. Here’s to the adventures ahead.

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