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Top Qualities of a Productive Finance Team

January 4, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Top Qualities of a Productive Finance Team 1On a dream finance team, together everyone achieves more. The unity of everyone’s talents, skill sets, and passions brings about amazing accomplishments. What do these finance teams have that propel them to ever greater heights of achievement?

They have a combination of valuable qualities that lead to optimal productivity and performance.

The people on your team make your organization what it is today. Their contributions are the driving force of progress, from products that change the world to industry-leading revenues and more.

Because the team you build creates the foundation for success, here’s how to make the dream happen.

Build a Strong Team

The people make the team. They also make your organization’s future. You want to find strength in personality and talent.

How do you build a team of people who will work with dedication and purpose? Seek the following valuable qualities:

Ability to Embrace New Technologies

An interesting study concluded that Excel mastery is no longer considered the be-all and end-all of skills. Nowadays, it’s the ability to embrace new technologies that’s most coveted. And for good reason, too. As finance teams use increasingly sophisticated systems, they need people who can quickly adapt.

People who bring out the best in your financial and operational systems can keep your organization agile. When your team and technology work together well, that harmony is rewarding.

Finesse in Finance

There are several qualities that contribute to finesse in finance. An analytical mindset is essential to uncovering trends. Analytical people are able to read the story of the numbers and what it means for business.

The keen ability to solve problems is also important. Asking probing questions, and analyzing questions from all angles, helps get answers. When you have a team of savvy problem-solvers, you have the resourcefulness to navigate challenges and open the door to opportunities.

Of course, every member should have the requisite credentials, education and certifications included. The knowledge from learning leads to wise decisions and clever ideas.

Stays Informed on Industry Trends

High-performing teams have an aspirational belief: always be learning. They know that knowledge is a work in progress. They continually hone their abilities, so they can stay up to speed in the fast-paced field of finance.

People on top of trends help your organization move with the times. Learners at heart can put their discoveries in action to create real momentum.

These dynamic learners, collaborating in a culture of personal growth and development, are the hallmark of the dream finance team.

Big-Picture Thinking & Detail-Oriented

Proficiency in finance requires the ability to look at the big picture while paying close attention to details. This duality in perspective is key. When your team members know the language of numbers, they can unlock their insights. That’s how profitable business decisions are made.

The Personality Factor

A dream finance team begins with the culture.

When people work together well, it makes all the difference. The personality of every member contributes to the team’s resilience. Greatness happens when people are collaborative, thoughtful, persistent, hard-working, and helpful. They’re in it for each other and the greater good.

When you build your finance team, factor in personality. Think about who you want to surround yourself with - the people who will work with passion and dedication. That’s who you’ll want on your business journey.

Collaborative cultures lead to happy clients. The goodwill within the organization flows outward to its quality of service. At Carlson, we have a strong team that provides an exceptional level of care for our clients. Organizations that partner with us often become lifelong advocates of our solutions and services.

Teamwork: The Heart of Great Achievement

“The truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great achievement,” said John C. Maxwell.

Teamwork is at the heart of every dream finance team. People put their minds together to come up with brilliant solutions. Your financial technology supports the vision through active planning. By taking the above steps in 2019, you can build a finance team that makes great achievement happen.

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