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Managed by Q Uses Adaptive Insights to Develop an Efficient Close Process and Strategically Support the Business

July 18, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Tyler Redlitz, VP of Finance at Managed by Q, shares how his team uses Adaptive Insights, with Carlson’s world-class services and support, to develop an efficient close process and strategically support their business. 

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How to Create a Rolling Forecast with Adaptive Insights

June 28, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

When change happens, it creates opportunities for growth. Today’s business world is dynamic. It’s in a constant state of evolution that requires organizations to be agile. As developments arise, how can your finance team stay ahead of the curve? 

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Adaptive Live 2019: When We Plan for What's Next, We Can Make Our Aspirations Happen

June 14, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

When we plan for what's next, we can make our aspirations happen. This optimistic message was front and center at Adaptive Live 2019 in Las Vegas at The Venetian, the annual user conference hosted by Adaptive Insights.

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Brightcove Uses Adaptive Insights to Achieve Optimal Collaboration and Forward-Looking Business Planning for Scalable Growth

May 9, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Alex Klepadlo, Director of FP&A at Brightcove, shares how his team uses Adaptive Insights, with Carlson’s attentive support and services, to achieve optimal collaboration and forward-looking business planning for scalable growth at their organization.

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Carlson Achieves Top Adaptive Insights Partner Position for FY19 Through Client Satisfaction - A Q&A with Chris Pinto

May 2, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Together, Carlson Management Consulting and Adaptive Insights are helping organizations implement active planning systems and processes to accelerate growth and profitability. Chris Pinto, Vice President of Consulting, shares why Carlson’s accomplishment as a top strategic partner of Adaptive Insights is based on its commitment to delivering value through successful implementations, domain expertise, and premium support services that result in superb client satisfaction and business growth.

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Trustpilot Focuses on Value-Added Side of Analysis Through Robust Workforce Planning and Reporting Capabilities of Adaptive Insights

April 25, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Caleb Hill, Director of FP&A at Trustpilot, shares how their organization leverages Adaptive Insights, with Carlson’s services and support, to focus on the value-added side of analysis through robust workforce planning and reporting capabilities.

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