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Why We're Thankful for Active Planning, Featuring Adaptive Insights

December 19, 2019 / by Lauren Strohmeier

Why Were Thankful for Active Planning (2)As the holiday season arrives, we reflect upon why we’re thankful for active planning. We’re inspired by the wonderful difference it makes in people’s lives – in the workplace and beyond. Active planning creates new opportunities for work and play.

Active planning helps us do our best work. It unites teams, encouraging companywide collaboration. It gives insights on business truths. It leads to better decision-making. It activates progress that accelerates results forward. It helps organizations be agile in a fast-moving world.

Thanks to active planning, we can be more productive and have more fun. As we work smarter and faster, a sense of balance develops: We feel the purpose in our work. We also have more time to enjoy with family and friends, as well as enrich our lives with hobbies and experiences.

At Carlson Management Consulting, An Alight Company, the consultants know what’s possible when people plan. They hear the enthusiasm as clients share their successes and appreciation. Inspired by their stories, select Carlson consultants give their thoughts on why they are thankful for active planning.

Christopher Pinto, VP of Implementation

Christopher PintoThe holidays are always a time for reflecting upon what we’re thankful for in our lives. For many people, that’s health, happiness, and family. They are also thankful to be able to enjoy the holiday season with families and friends and have some well-deserved time off from work. 

For most finance professionals, this is easier said than done. When they try to finalize next year’s budget and estimate where current year might land and year-end close, it takes up precious seasonal time. 

The only real solution is efficiency! Fortunately, active planning and cloud-based collaboration across an organization make that a reality. At Carlson Management Consulting, An Alight Company, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations save time by shortening the period from monthly forecast to the final approved budget. Their operational budget owners can now actively collaborate in real time to make the most accurate and up-to-date projections.  

They can also spend less time aggregating data and more time analyzing and understanding it, made possible by integrations between general ledgers, CRMs, and resource management systems. As finance professionals support the business with holistic insights and better decisions, they’re thankful for their central role in organizational efficiency and more time away from their desks during the holidays.

Joe Svetz, Senior Associate

Joe SvetzFor finance professionals, the holiday season has historically been filled with more than festivities, family time, and holiday cheer.

It’s also one of the busiest times of the year at work. Annual planning cycles, which begin on the right track, frequently unravel into a series of mishaps caused by mismatched assumptions between files, broken Excel links, and files with names such as, "2020 Budget-Final-v4-USE THIS ONE-Final.xlsx.”

Thankfully, the availability of cloud-based technology and active planning has brought more tranquility to the end-of-year crunch time. Now, finance professionals can easily compare budget versus actuals through always up-to-date data. They can make one-click updates to presentations and reports, which they can seamlessly share with key decision-makers across the organization. They also benefit from rapid and accurate calculations that result in efficient workflows.

Through rolling forecasts, finance professionals can save time by making predictions with confidence for the period ahead. As they become more adept and efficient at managing year-end priorities, they can then enjoy more time with families during the holiday season.

Stephen Taglianetti, Senior Engagement Manager of Adaptive Insights Implementations

Stephen TaglianettiMy clients who adopt active planning systems and processes experience numerous value-added benefits that make their lives easier. They now have access to capabilities that expand their contributions to their organizations.

Firstly, they can evaluate their business from all angles through flexible financial modeling. Specifically, they can build interconnected models that help them deeply understand the impacts of their decisions and forecast the future.  

In a single view, they can visualize data flows to make connections and identify trends. They can easily create complex and customized formulas. Additionally, they can drill down into details, exploring the formulas driving the values. Altogether, clients can better manage their data to better manage their businesses.

Active planning creates great teamwork. Smooth workflows help teams collaborate in real-time with dynamic plans. As collaboration becomes stronger, so does productivity. As our clients experience all these benefits and more, they’re thankful for how much easier their lives at work become.

A Journey of Appreciation

As we plan for the future, we appreciate the successes throughout our journeys. When we use active planning to transform workplaces into hubs of progress and evolution, we can feel more fulfilled. We can enjoy quality time with families. We can have fun with friends. We can immerse ourselves in our favorite hobbies and experiences. We can be merry during the holiday season. At its core, active planning gives a sense of balance that brings joy. And for that, we’re very thankful.

Interested in beginning your journey? With 4,500+ customers, the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud is the leading choice for active planning.

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